Akus OSSO-X1 Sporting Shotgun

  • Gauge
  • Barrel Length
  • Barrel Finish
  • Rib Type
  • Chokes
  • Safety
  • Receiver Finish
  • Stock Type
  • Buttplate
  • Forend Type
  • Stock Finish
  • Walnut Grade

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181,500.00 ₺

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Gauge: 12 Ga
Rib Type: 10 mm
Stock Type: Sporting
Forend Type: Sporting
Stock Finish: Oil Finish

2 Year Warranty
Ships in a canvas case


OSSO X1 Sporting Gun 

OSSO series that have been developed to meet the needs of the athletes are available in Trap, Skeet and Sporting versions. OSSO X1  series are true sidelock sporting models which use V springs are very rare world wide, and are carefully crafted to the atheletes preferences in terms of pattern, barrel diameter and balance.

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5 Pinned True Side Lock

The worldly famous true side lock firing mechanism that is known among the hunters and shooters to be the highest class of shotguns

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V Springs

We know that you are competing in the matters of split seconds. Be always one step ahead with V springs that shorten the trigger pull time immensely!

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Thin Walled Mobile Chokes

With the thin walled mobile chokes you can only find in Akus among Turkish shotgun manufacturers, your gun will be both aesthetic and practical!

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Sporting Rib

The extra wide sporting rib developed specifically for sports shooters

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Orthopedic Pistol Grip

Bespoke ergonomic pistol grips for OSSO series to increase the comfort and the handling of your gun 

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Optimum Balance

Do not mind the average 3,85Kg weight of OSSO series with the perfect balance that is carefully crafted for each gun!

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